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The new national standard has been implemented for six months, still flooding the poor quality
In daily life, people often ignore the impact of the tap on their health. A small tap, is not only a tool for conveying water, it is also a direct bearing on peoples health. Inferior faucet can lead to excessive heavy metals in drinking water, in particular, the greatest harm to lead. In order to ensure that the metal content of tap in the health level, December 1, 2014, "ceramic seal faucets" (gb18145-2014) issued a formal implementation of the new national standard, which will tap the precipitation of heavy metals such as mandatory terms. Today, the new national standard has been implemented for six months, the market is still a lot of old national standard products are still selling.
Visit: old national standard tap everywhere
28, the reporter visited found that the market is still a lot of old national standard products in the sale, and many sales staff for the new national standard is not too understanding.
In the golden hill building materials market, a bathroom hardware sales outlets, when the reporter asked to buy what material of the faucet more secure, the shop owner recommended a 360 yuan of stainless steel taps. The reporter to see the section of the outer packaging found that the implementation of the product is still the old national standard GB18145-2003. When a reporter asked, now is not the implementation of the new national standard 2014, the shop owner said that now is the implementation of the 2003 standard, the new national standard is not clear".
The reporter then went to Home Furnishing ouyada, found part of the brand new national standard for kitchen know more. A brand sales staff told reporters that after the implementation of the new standards, the enterprise has issued a green new standard kitchen leading listed notice. The reporter saw the new date of July 21, 2014 (the new GB release date for May 6, 2014). In a bathroom brand stores, a store sales staff told reporters that some of the big brand production faucets are made of copper production, relatively safer".
Public: I do not know the tap has a new national standard"
28, the reporter interviewed ten members of the public, no one knows the new national standard, and said, still need to replace the faucet it?"
Ms. Wang family living peoples livelihood family, she said, only know that the house can be installed water purification devices, but never heard of the tap and the new national standard. And she was helping parents decorate a house, buy kitchen bathroom equipment, but also did not listen to guide the introduction of a new national standard taps.
And in the home to act as a water electrician, said he had never heard of a similar new standard faucet, weekdays to buy taps, but also did not listen to the owner introduced a new national standard faucet.
Recommendation: pay attention to the implementation of the standard package
The new national standard for nearly half a year, why there are so many old national standard products on the market, in this regard, the reporter asked the Yichang Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau relevant responsible person.
The Liu surname person in charge said that now so many old standard products in the sale, mainly because some businesses may be lucky. According to the existing laws and regulations, there is no clear after the introduction of new standards, the old standard on its own, so it led to some embarrassment, the existence of new and existing products coexist.
He suggested that consumers buy related products, in addition to look at the brand, but also pay attention to the full range of accessories, as well as parts quality. At the same time, may require businesses to produce the outer packing box, see the box on the information bar, if the implementation of the standard for the GB18145-2014 standard, you can determine the new national standard faucet.
Interpretation: the new national standard products more secure
"Ceramic seal faucets" (GB18145-2014) released on May 6, 2014, formally implemented in December 1, 2014.
For consumers, the new national standard of the most critical significance lies in the amount of heavy metals. The new national standard tap increased precipitation of lead, arsenic, barium, boron, cadmium, chromium, mercury, copper and other 17 kinds of metal pollution limits, and the precipitation amount limit is equivalent to the American Standard, known as "the history of the most stringent water national standards, change the heavy metal pollution of tap may not bid status that is conducive to the protection of consumers personal health. And this index is not involved in the old national