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Processing method of socket pipe fittings and production standard of pipe fittings
The socket comprises a section of pipe diameter than the connected plastic winding structure wall pipe diameter slightly larger plastic winding structure wall pipe straight pipe, the inner wall of the pipe ends are respectively provided with a circle of groove for sealing the embedded expansion rubber ring, the sealing groove is embedded with an expansion rubber ring. Pipe socket connection and pipe connection. Used in cast iron pipe and acid resistant ceramic pipe, etc.. A tube is inserted into the other end of the pipe sleeve, fill hemp or asbestos rope in the annulus, and then into the cement (such as cement, acid resistant cement, etc.) for sealing.
First, the performance of socket pipe
Socket pipe fittings of the main production material is stainless steel, the use of stainless steel production. Prior to the production of socket pipe fittings to check the stainless steel, to ensure the quality of the production of socket pipe.
1, through diameter: socket pipe diameter is DN15-DN1200, according to the size of the size of the production, otherwise the production of the tube does not meet the scale of production, can not be qualified to ensure.
2, wall thickness: pipe wall thickness of the pipe wall thickness is SCH5-SCH160, the error will not produce more than 5 mm, an important difference do not have thickness, ensure produced pipe with the same thickness, in use does not affect the use of function for damage.
3, the characteristics of socket pipe
Anti corrosion. Acid alkali. Long service life, reasonable prices, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistance to high temperature, the price is reasonable, beautiful appearance, texture strong performance.
4, the use of plug pipe: pipe is mainly used for the use of water, beverage, beer, food, petrochemical, nuclear power, machinery, medical equipment, shipbuilding, chemical fertilizer, water treatment and piping etc., show good value in use in the field.
Two, socket pipe fitting processing method
Socket pipe fittings with different processing methods have different processing performance and function, which can display different functions and values in the process of using.
1, forging method: swaging machine will be at the end of the pipe or part shall be rushed out, the diameter reduced, commonly used swaging machine have rotary, connecting rod type, roller type. In the method of stamping press with a core with a taper pipe expanding to the required size and shape.
2, the bending forming method: there are three kinds of commonly used methods, a method called stretch method, another method called stamping method, third roller method is more familiar with 3-4, a roller, two fixed roller, a roller adjustment, adjust the fixed roller distance, product is bent pipe. This method is more widely used, if the production of spiral tubes, the curvature can be increased.
3, roller method: in the tube placement, peripheral roller push for circular edge processing.
4, to law: one is placed in the rubber tube, with compression punch above the tube bulge forming; another method is hydraulic bulging in the middle pipe, filling liquid, * liquid pressure into the pipe drum into the required shape, like the production of large part of our common bellows used is this method.
5, rolling method: generally without mandrel, suitable for thick wall pipe inside round edge.
Three, socket pipe leakage flux method
The basic principle of magnetic flux leakage detection is based on the properties of high permeability magnetic materials, magnetic permeability elbow corrosion defect is much smaller than the elbow, elbow in the external magnetic field is magnetized, when no defect in elbow, the vast majority of lines through the steel tube, the magnetic line distribution; when the elbow internal defects, magnetic bent, and a part of magnetic flux leaking pipe surface. Detection of the leakage flux of the surface of the magnetized elbow, it can determine whether the existence of