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Awareness of health hazards lead to excessive lead

Faucet excessive lead in the industry is not the news, however, this problem seems to have been not taken seriously. According to statistics, it is not clear that the faucet will cause two of the water pollution of consumers up to 7. Lead excessive use of lead can lead to heavy metal poisoning, endanger the health of the family. In the rapid development of science and technology today, we improve the quality of life at the same time, the health hazards around the same increase. Lets get to know the problem of excessive lead levels and teach you how to choose the high quality tap.
Awareness of health hazards lead to excessive lead
Before the day, a number of international and domestic brands of faucet products were detected excessive levels of lead. If people have long been drinking tap water contaminated by excessive lead levels of two times, unknowingly absorbed excessive lead, will lead to heavy metal poisoning caused immeasurable damage.
One, concerned about the problem of excessive lead
The results showed that 21 batches of substandard goods in Shanghai city in 2013 by the sampling of 68 batches of faucets products, 7 batches of product testing by the precipitation of lead or chromium excess. One of the most serious lead precipitation reached 173 micrograms per liter, more than 34 times the national standard. Compared to previous surveys, the tap lead exceed the standard unabated.
Two, lead exceeded the problem why often increase?
It is understood that the amount of lead in the international and domestic standards are different. The United States to tap the special issue of the lead-free bill, the provisions of the lead content of not more than 0.25%, the European and American countries are also actively developing relevant legislation. But in our country, the unified law still lead standard hose does not set. The current standard is only recommended, not compulsory execution, and lead exceed the standard problem become aggravated.
Three, why there is lead out of the faucet?
The tap is mainly used copper alloy, in order to save cost and improve production efficiency, some enterprises with a certain amount of lead in the production and processing of copper alloy, lead contact elements and air can form a protective film, in the long-term erosion protection of lead molecules in the membrane may precipitate.
At the same time, because the tap water using chlorine as a disinfectant, chlorine in the water will accelerate the aging and leading lead precipitation. Generally use more than 5 years of copper taps and pipes, the release of lead will be a large increase.
Four, cautious against harmful lead poisoning
Lead is a kind of heavy metal element which is harmful to human body nerve, blood, bone, digestion, reproduction and so on. It is designated as one of the carcinogens by the international cancer organization. Lead poisoning is the most serious damage to the nervous system, can lead to slow response, mental decline, memory loss and so on. Lead, especially for children, is very harmful, and childrens absorption rate of lead is 8 times, lead poisoning seriously affect childrens mental and physical development.
Health is the most important to look at the quality of the tap to buy skills
We use water every day, the health of water affects the health of the family, and the tap and the water are closely linked. In order to safety and health, in the family decoration, we should choose a reliable quality, and water saving and durable tap.

First, look for the brand protection
Consumers in the purchase of water should be to the regular market, buy well-known brands, so as to be able to choose to rest assured that products. Use the faucet is about family health, do not be greedy small cheap. Regular faucet packing box should have brand logo, quality assurance and after-sales service instructions. Remind everyone to buy is to be cautious, in order to protect the lead content does not exceed the standard, as far as possible to choose a stainless steel faucet.
Two, the observation surface coating
In order to prevent the tap from being oxidized, a layer of nickel or chromium is deposited on the surface of the tap after polishing and forming, and the function of resisting neutral hydrochloric acid is protected from the tap for a long time. Look, look at the place with enough light, no spots, no surface water oxidation pores, no plating leakage and bubble and charred, uniform color no burr and sand is a good product.
Three, pay attention to the internal structure and material
The purchase should be access instructions, understand the internal structure of water tap. Recommended ceramic core valve of the faucet, the use of high resistance to the use of ceramic ceramic manufacturing, even 60 pounds of water pressure, but also switch freely, no leakage. Washers, recommend the use of silicone gaskets, can withstand the cold and hot water pressure without leakage.
Four, check the structure of the leading switch
Finally, check the rationality of the design of the product. The first move of a few switches, check whether the components with strong, tight. When the switch is turned off, the handle is soft and gentle. If you feel laborious or light astringent, the assembly structure is not reasonable, so the leading water shortage may occur when in use, or Water Leakage hydraulic increase phenomenon.
Health tips for daily maintenance to reduce harm of lead exceed the standard coup
Due to the confusion of the market, consumers are difficult to choose the lead free tap. In this regard, we can in the daily use, take some care to reduce the harm of lead exceed the standard of the coup.First, the water has learned to ensure healthy drinking water
Experts suggest that every morning to open the tap, can be empty for a while, the water used to flush the toilet, mopping up, etc.. Because just when the tap water often with more harmful substances, such as the precipitation of more lead. Similarly, for a long time did not open the faucet, can not immediately take water for drinking.
Two, the longer the lead precipitation more regular replacement
Replace the faucet on a regular basis. Now tap water with chlorine as a disinfectant, residual chlorine chlorinated compounds in the water will exacerbate the lead element in the water. In general, the use of copper alloy taps for more than 5 years, the amount of lead will be greatly increased. Therefore, it is recommended that the residents of the home use of time should not be too long.
Three, to clear screen impurities
If after a period of time, found that the water yield is decreased, even the water heater flameout phenomenon, may be a screen with water and sediment clogging. The water outlet of the water tap gently unscrew the screen cover, can remove impurities. Generally speaking, cleaning the screen impurities regularly, a maximum of three months, for the health of their families better water quality.
Four, clean water faucet protective coating
In order to protect the water coating, cleaning should use dry soft cotton cloth, do not use wet towel wipe to avoid leaving the scale, not to destroy the coating with burr wiping articles. Do not allow the tap to touch the acid-base liquid, you can take a neutral detergent spray on the soft cotton cloth and gently wipe the faucet.
Five, to prevent the coating aging using protein insurance
Gold plated part of the film is very easy to fall off and lose luster, can keep the coating luster. Protein will whisk to slightly frothy, then use warm water to clean water, and wipe dry, then dipped in a little protein, wipe gently in the gilded part, can protect the gloss of