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Thin wall stainless steel pipe and pipe fittings will have a new national standard
Learned from relevant aspects: compression type stainless steel tube and stainless steel tube connected with thin-walled stainless steel tube will produce a new national standard, the two products in connection with the construction specifications will also have national standards.
In March 23rd, the drafting of thin-wall stainless steel pipes and pipe accessories standard by the National Standardization Technical Committee organized work conference, Chinese Architectural Design Institute of experts and representatives of some manufacturers on behalf of GB/T91228.1 stainless steel pipe fittings "compression type stainless steel tube," GB/ T91228.2 "stainless steel pipe connection with thin-walled stainless steel tube, stainless steel card type" GB/T91228.3 "the pipe with 0 ring" three national standards are discussed, and to reach a consensus on the revision of relevant standards: will our country currently on the market more than 12 stainless steel tube outer diameter series unified into 2 basic standard size, and the wall thickness of the pipe is unified to 1 Basic dimensions of the new standard; the specification of press fitting meaning, key size uniform pressfitting pipe, and different metal materials in the future (such as carbon steel, copper and stainless steel ) to provide a uniform diameter pipeline based on the use of card type pipe fittings.
In addition, the experts also to the drafting of national standards - "stainless steel tube and pipe connection and installation specification" are discussed and decided on 3 types of stainless steel pipes and fittings of the main connection (card type, screw type, welding type) put forward specific installation requirements and specifications for construction units according to the the standard construction, provide favorable conditions for the relevant units in accordance with the national standard of inspection and acceptance.
Some experts think: the national standard of thin-walled stainless steel tube of the new national standard revision and "stainless steel tube and pipe connection and installation standards" will be introduced to make the stainless steel pipe and tube products with standard pipe fittings connection installation specification standard to achieve accurate docking, will make up for the stainless steel pipe fitting product standards before the only national level without specification national standard stainless steel pipe installation regret; will end China stainless steel pipe used in construction of standard reference standard history; will different metal pipe pipeline construction in the construction of standardized and efficient new changes.
It is reported that the four national standards for the revision and preparation of the work will be concluded in October this year, the current staff are collecting more design experts, users and manufacturers of comments and