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The implementation of the new national standard of seven plastic pipe fittings
The National Standardization Technical Committee plastic pipe, pipe fittings and valve sub Technical Committee, said before the 7 plastic pipe and pipe fittings new national standard has been officially implemented. According to reports, the national standard of this release is based on the international standard system (Amendment), and in accordance with the domestic and foreign materials technology, pipe processing technology and environmental requirements of the changes, to part of the contents of the amendments. The main content of water supply pipes GB revision of PVC-U to increase the K value of phenolic resin, prohibit the use of lead salt stabilizer, undefined undefined undefined undefined to improve the impact of impact test impact energy, some technical indexes adopted foreign advanced standards, adjust the hydraulic test loop stress, increase the system suitability test and dimensions grouping and setting test; PVC-U pipes and fittings GB building drainage, specifications from 40mm-160mm to 32mm-2 50mm, with different size of municipal drainage pipeline and pipe connection, increase seal connection, cancel the excellent products and qualified products, increase the pipe socket size requirements.